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You’ve found yourself with a lot of questions, but few answers.  You may not even be sure what to ask.  You’ve turned to friends, your former employer, maybe even believed the insurance company, and…still the same feeling: you’re not sure how it is going to turn out.  Worse, you now know things aren’t headed the way they are supposed to.  You now have to make a choice: whether to accept things the way they are, hope for the best, or make a change?

Brian Elston Law’s drive is to help its clients by providing trusted answers, explaining their rights under the law, and developing a winning game plan.

We welcome you to review our awards and successes.  To find out more about our services, please check out our testimonials or learn more about the firm.

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Brian Elston Law is a personal injury attorney in Asheville, NC and is dedicated to fighting for the people who need it most.  Our team is ready to take on your case in a variety of matters from personal injury, to workers comp, wrongful death, employment law, civil litigation, and more.
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“At any given moment, you have the power to say that this is NOT how the story is going to END.”

-M.H.S. Pourri

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  • Shawn Johnson
    He helped me when no one else would.

    Brian Elston has been loyal since the beginning of what I thought was the darkest point in my life. Brian took a big chance on me, and I owe him everything. I can't put into words who amazed I am at his knowledge of the law, his experience, his dedication, and his undying devotion to my case.
  • Honest and Professional!

    My roommate and I were referred to Brian Elston, and Brian willingly helped us. He was honest and professional from the start and was able to recoup some money for us in end. I would highly recommend Brian in the future and feel like his expertise and knowledge were very helpful in assisting us!! Ashley Rogers
    Honest and Professional!
  • Brian achieved far above and beyond my expectations...

    I sought legal service when I needed advice on a real estate matter. Brian Elston promptly took my call and listened intently to my circumstances. I was happily surprised in both his swift action and empathy with concern to my situation. Brian achieved far above and beyond my expectations and the entire experience was excellent.
    Matt Ostwalt
  • Brian is a fine litigator!

    I can't think of anyone else that I would rather have represent me. Brian is a fine litigator!
    Charley Smith
  • Brian is a believer in the people of Asheville...

    Brian is a believer in the people of Asheville, and I have watched him represent some great people, some who he may or may not have even had the time to help. Being a friend of his, I often know that his schedule keeps him busy, and I know that his efforts provide great successes for his clients. I'm happy to see him build his own practice from the ground up, and I look forward to seeing this practice grow to represent a wide client base.
    Tim McGill
  • ...he got me the result I needed and wanted

    I have used Brain as my attorney for many issues and he has handled them all professionally. The bottom line is at the end of the day he got me the result I needed and wanted. Let's face it when you need an attorney you need someone that is personable, relentless, and deliver the results you need in whatever case you have and that is Brian!
    John Alvino
  • He’s fair, knowledgeable, and is true to his craft.

    Brian Elston is one of the most respectable, rational, and reasonable attorneys in the state of North Carolina. He’s fair, knowledgeable, and is true to his craft. He’s an honorable man with a heart to do right by those he serves. And there is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t fight tenaciously for anyone who trusts him to be their support.
    Ashanti Ternoir
  • ...approachable, pleasant, and simply someone who has your best interests at heart.

    My wife and I could not recommend Mr. Elston highly enough to anyone in need of legal assistance. We have consulted with him on several occasions, and he has always shown a sincere interest displaying both compassion and understanding. He is not only extremely professional at all times and knowledge of the law, but approachable, pleasant, and simply someone who has your best interests at heart.
    Jeff Futch
  • I would highly recommend him.

    I respect and trust Brian Elston and his work. I would highly recommend him.
    Conley Brown
  • I absolutely recommend Brian for your legal needs.
         I’ve known Brian for over 15 years, since we were undergraduates together in Chapel Hill. He has always been a loyal friend, and he is a terrific husband and father. His tennis game is not bad either. I absolutely recommend Brian for your legal needs.
    Aaron B. Wellman

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“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”

-Edmond Burke

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