Employment Law

Brian Elston works equally well with both
employees and employers

Brian Elston Law is a personal injury attorney in Asheville, NC and is dedicated to fighting for the people who need it most. Our team is ready to take on your case in a variety of matters from personal injury, to workers comp, wrongful death, employment law, civil litigation, and more.

Brian Elston has significant experience in handling employment law issues, from sexual harassment through wage disputes. Brian Elston works equally well with both employees and employers.

  • Employee privacy and drug testing
  • Unemployment hearings;
  • Wrongful discharge;
  • Discrimination in the workplace (ADA, FMLA and sexual harassment);
  • Nonpayment of wages (Wage and Hour Act);
  • EEOC complaints;
  • Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission hearings;

Employment Law

In addition, our attorneys have a unique background in representing educators and other public employees. Brian Elston, is a former school board attorney. His experience has provided him with an employer’s perspective on employment issues. This perspective enable him to quickly get to the core of employment disputes and better see the strength and weaknesses of each side. Our attorneys offer trusted, confidential counsel to individuals faced with an issue involving their employer. Each situation is assessed to achieve the best legal and practical outcome.

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