Construction Site Accidents

Construction accident litigation is usually quite complicated. You need construction accident lawyers who will help you through workplace injuries. if a personal injury claim is appropriate, you can trust in our years of experience with difficult construction accident cases.

Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Employers may simply not know how to file a claim with their insurance.  In my experience, I have handled the following instances:

  • An Employer asking the employee hurt at the job site to file a file claim on their car insurance;
  • The Employer promises to pay the worker hurt on the job cash not to file a claim;
  • The Employer doesn’t even have workers’ compensation insurance.

When an injury at the job site occurs, contact our office.  We can advise you of your rights, what’s supposed to happen, and give you the necessary advice to make sure your claim is on the right path.  You’ve been injured.  We are here to make sure your claim doesn’t get hurt as well.