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(cont) Meet more of the band from Topic No. 002

4. On back up vocals:

Lost wages, future lost wages, and future medical treatment are like back up vocals. They complete the song and make it resonate. Lost wages are usually determined by a letter, affidavit, or some other documentation from the injured’s employer. In regards to future medical treatment, that is established by the client’s treating physician or through a life care plan.

Our office works with an injured’s employer in establishing lost wages. Generally speaking, that is not too difficult.


Obtaining a medical opinion by a treating physician can be a bit more difficult. However, our office has established relationships with medical providers. Whether it is from a phone conference, opinion letter, or a life-care plan, Brian Elston Law will nail down future treatment to be sure a client’s song is complete.

5) Drummer, Property damage and loss of use of vehicle:

In motor vehicle accidents, jurors equate the more extensive the property damage to a vehicle with the significance of an injury. A jury will more likely believe that a client is injured when seeing a picture of a vehicle crushed like a Coke can, than when there is a fender bender.

Brian Elston Law obtains photos of not only our client’s property damage, but also the other vehicle in a motor vehicle accident. In addition, we obtain records from our client’s out-of-pocket expenses for car rentals, Ubers, or simply paying a friend to use their car while theirs is in the shop.

6) The It-factor:

Pain and suffering how the accident happened, punitive damages:
Each successful band has it. The “it” factor. A client’s personal injury claim is no different:

How has the client’s life changed because of the injury and accident? What did he or she used to do then that they can’t do now? What do you wish they could do but can’t? How did the accident happen? Who is the person that caused the accident? What were they doing when the accident happened?

Our firm digs in to quantify how the accident changed our client’s lives. In addition, we not only likes to successfully resolve our client’s injuries, but also make sure that no one else goes through what they did. Brian Elston Law substantiates the impact our clients go through, and find out what caused the accident to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Conclusion: Like a band, the components of a personal injury claim must come together to perform a song.

More importantly, the song must resonate with the claims adjuster or a juror. The attorneys at Brian Elston Law work with each client to put together each component. In doing so, they hope to rock the adjuster or jury in providing each client with the maximum amount of justice.


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