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Why won’t the other driver’s car insurance pay my medical bills?

Vehicle accidents can cause both physical and emotional damage and car insurance may not cover the repairs. Car insurance often pays well after treatment which means that bills and collection calls may put a strain on you before you have the ability to fix it. Brian Elston Law is well-versed in personal injury involving vehicle accidents and is ready to guide you through what you need to know — Contact us today.

Here’s the scenario:
– Your hit by another driver in a car accident
– The accident was not your fault
– You go to emergency room, or follow up with your doctor
– You tell them you were in a car accident
– Other driver’s insurance company admits fault
– You start receiving medical bills in the mail
– You call and tell the other driver’s insurance company. Other driver’s insurance company says they’ll take care of it
– Collection letters, from Revclaims, First Point, or Bull City for example, start to come in the mail

If you weren’t at fault, why are they asking you to pay for medical bills?

Unfortunately, car insurance doesn’t operate like health insurance. Generally speaking, car insurance companies do not pay for the injured-driver’s medical expenses as they are incurred. Instead, they make one lump sum payment, typically after the injured driver is through treating. This can put a real mental and financial strain on the driver who’s already hurt.
However, there are things that can be done to ensure that an injured driver has access to medical care. Accessing a driver’s “Medpay”, as explained in an earlier blog post, may provide monetary relief to an injured driver. A letter from an attorney notifying the medical provider about the situation and agreeing to protect the provider’s “lien” may allow an injured driver to continue to treat without having collection agencies chase after them.

If you are receiving collection letters from medical providers when you were in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault, contact my office and we can discuss your legal rights and options.